HappyLin Internet Cafe, Vancouver
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FREE WIFI from noon-4pm with purchase of food or drink.

New Deals for Loonie Coffee, small cup for $1.00 from Mon-Thu 8am-9am

Please visit us at Cambie/Broadway(map) to enjoy our friendly and excellent service.

We are right next to Canada Line Broadway City Hall Station. Look for INTERNET CAFE sign

Photocopy/ FAX / SCAN / SKYPE / Resume editing and printing

FREE 10 minutes Internet access with purchase of food or drink

We serve pressure brewed “crema” coffee, the best coffee on Broadway. It is:

  • FRESHER – we make it when you order it
  • HEALTHIER – 30% less caffeine, less Tannic acid
  • BETTER TASTE – 100% aroma with crema on top
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HappyLin Internet Cafe - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Best Coffee On Broadway